Licensed basic blocks for online learning & University courses

Are you an independent pattern maker that has an online course? Perhaps you run a university course that teaches pattern making to your students? Are you looking for PDF or editable Ai graded basic blocks (UK4 – UK24) to support your students and courses?

Great! We’ve created a set of products specifically catered for you – Licensed Basic Blocks.

 We’ve recently had a lot of requests to license our nested basic blocks and sewing patterns for private use by online learning and university bodies. To accommodate this, we’ve created a number of licensed basic blocks and packs that are useable for up to 1 year, and with an unlimited number of students. The basic block packs come with a verified certificate of use and a unique license number. We’ve even created the option to add a company or university logo to the licensed basic blocks, creating a truly bespoke product. These new licensed basic blocks packs provide teaching bodies with a much-needed, reliable, and consistent product to use with all their courses and online learning resources.

Our licensed basic block packs start from £200 per pack

– One year license with unique key and certificate

– On obtaining the license your may use these blocks as a teaching resource and can distribute them to your students for a period of one year. Your students are free to continue using the blocks for their personal uses even after they have completed their course.

– Option to add your custom logo and brand colours to the licensed basic blocks

– Licensed basic block pack contains both fully-editable SVG/ Ai & PDF printable patterns

– Customise the size range of your basic blocks to suit your audience (available sizes: UK4 – 24)

– Select the PDF page sizes you require (US-Letter, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0)

If you would like a licensed block to use with your online course or if you would like to find out more about this service then please contact us at: We’ll happily take you through the terms & conditions and available pack options to create a tailored product to suit your needs and the needs of your students.

basic blocks

Cabrini Roy teaches online pattern making workshops to hundreds of students with her online course. She got in touch and asked us to create a pack of basic blocks to suit her needs.  We even added her logo to personalise the pack for her students. 

Available blocks

We have a wide range of basic blocks to choose from. Beyond the wide range of sizes we cater for, we also offer custom size ranges to suit your specific course or students. Our basic blocks are consistent in their design, and format creating a recognisable and professional product. Send us an email to get a tailored quote for your specific course or needs.

Licensed knee length dress block UK4 - 24
Licensed 50% stretch basic stetch dress block UK4 - 24
Licensed basic torso block UK4 - 24
Licensed 35% stretch basic stretch dress block UK4 - 24
Licensed basic bodice block with sleeve UK4 - 24
Licensed 20% stretch basic stretch dress block UK4 - 24 product image
Licensed basic high waisted leggings block UK4 - 24
Licensed basic two-piece dress block UK4 - 24
Licensed basic skirt block UK4 - 24
Licensed low waisted basic leggings block with external waistband UK4 - 24

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